shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / humour / fortunes / ver.txt

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Finish adding the fortunes from the aphorisms collection.
Add more fortune cookies.
Add three more fortunes.
Add more.
More Unicode quotes - this time to humour/fortunes/friends.xml.
Unicode quotes.
Removed unnecessary quotes - a television show should not be in quotes.
Bump the version number of the fortunes.
Reformatted shlomif-fav.xml.
Filled in more empty <info />'s.
Add meaningful <info> tags to nyh-sigs.xml.
Finished reformatting shlomif.xml.
Formatted the shlomif.xml fortunes up to "corollary-of-godwyn".
More reformatting and correction to shlomif.xml.
Reformatted more of the fortunes. Converted stuff to Unicode.
Add another fortune - the spam-for-everyone one.
Add a missing blockquote.
Convert some guillemetes to <blockquote>.
Convert ASCII ellipses in the fortunes ("...") to their Unicode ones.
Revised a Chuck Norris fact.
[Fortunes] Fix the "Knuth is God!" fortunes.
Bump the version number.
Add the first fortune out of "The One with the Fountainhead".
[Fortunes] Revamp the "The Enemy" fortunes.
Add the Star Trek: We, the Living Dead fortune.
Add the "How do I switch off the T.V. fortune."
Add the Su-Shrink fortune.
Add the new Chuck Norris and Larry Wall factoids.
[Fortunes] Correct some typos in the Subversion XML.
Add the "Lady_Aleena's little perl boys" fortune.
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