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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
More Unicode punctuation.
Fix punctuation.
Styled better.
Change the subject to something more meaningful.
Finish converting to <quote> and <comment>.
Start converting t2/humour.html to <quote> and <comment>.
Add more.
Add the "wasting time" aphorism.
Change "don't" and doesn't" to their unicode equivalents.
Convert "it's" to Unicode stuff in all the .wml pages.
Add the E-mail / web-feeds jokes.
Now hiding the page Table-of-Contents. Abstracted it behind <div class="page_toc"> in lib/toc_div.wml and <toc_div />. The tag there accepts several options, like language and tag.
Add the Soviet Russia cats joke.
Finish adding the fortunes from the aphorisms collection.
Improved the "Hacker sees bug" quote.
Made the humour collection under CC-by-sa.
Convert to Unicode ellipses.
Add the Language switcher to the humour page.
Correct more "Edsgar"s to "Edsger"s (Dijkstra).
Add more.
Add a new quote to the humour page.
Add another aphorism (The English spelling one) to the Aphorisms page.
Removed some trailing space.
Fixed some problems in the Humour collection.
Corrected a typo - "Includipedia".
Added the Chuck Norris joke about wikipedia.
Added the Technion Ways aphorism.
Added another aphorism
Added Chuck Norris and the wikipedia.
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