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Shlomi Fish
Make sure a .pl script can be downloaded.
Shlomi Fish
Add support for MathJax.
Shlomi Fish
Add more
Shlomi Fish
Add the HTML Tutorial.
Shlomi Fish
Add dep
Shlomi Fish
Add more
Shlomi Fish
Add a meta-information sub-menu.
Shlomi Fish
Add a "make spell" target.
Shlomi Fish
Correct broken links
Shlomi Fish
Fix broken links.
Shlomi Fish
Conver to lib/cpan_dists.wml.
Shlomi Fish
Convert Fiction-XML to lib/cpan_dists.wml.
Shlomi Fish
Extract the lib/cpan_dists.wml include.
Shlomi Fish
More trailing whitespace elimination.
Shlomi Fish
Got rid of a lot of trailing space.
Shlomi Fish
Add a test for trailing space.
Shlomi Fish
Fix the broken build after exporting the repo to hg.
Upload into /var
Add a dependency.
Final the third version of the Case for Drug Legalisation v3. Made it live.
Add humour-heb to T2_HUMOUR_DOCS_DEST
Add some corrections to the notes.
Start adding the "How to Contribute to my Projects" section.
Convert the building of FO to the new docmake.
Start converting the DocBook 5 building to the docmake of hg HEAD.
Fix the name of the .txt source of show.cgi.
Add hostgator
Add missing deps.
Convert more single/double quotes to Unicode
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
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