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Author Commit Message Date
Shlomi Fish
Correct a typo in the title. "an things" vs. "and things".
Shlomi Fish
Add the fc-solve-goes-webscale bits.
Shlomi Fish
Integrate the section menus inside MyNavData. TODO : perhaps speed up page loading by using a command <script src="..." or AJAX or whatever (with a fallback to users with JS disabled/blocked/blacklisted/etc. naturally).
Shlomi Fish
Add “Can I SCO Now?”.
Shlomi Fish
Add the Fountainhead Parody with Skull Force.
Shlomi Fish
Add Graduate Student Jokes.
Shlomi Fish
Add “I'm the Real Tim Toady”.
Add the "It’s not a Fooware - It’s an Operating System". This is a humour bit that was restored from
Add “English is a Crazy Language”.
[HHFG->Arabic] Add to the section navigation menu.
Add Humanity's Hebrew translation to the navigation menu.
Add the "Death Star Destruction" page to the navigation. This is in continuation to the previous commit.
Add the Hebrew Translation of "HHFGv2" to the section nav menu.
[Humour Section menu] Correct the link to the English "Enemy".
Add the "Selena Mandrake" to the navigation menu.
Add more.
Add the abstract to the navigation menu.
Extract some methods. - extract a method.
Move the section navigation menu to the FortuneCollections. The aim is to make the SQLite database aware of the fortuen collections to be able to go to the appropriate collections.
Convert ASCII double-quotes to stylised Unicode quotes. This involved many changes and hacks.
Add "SOAP - The S stands for Simple" to the by-other section.
Add Road to Heaven.
Add the Hebrew translation of Ways to Do it.
Add Oded C. stories to the by-others. TODO : make the CSS nicer.
Add the HTMLised version of HHGG/ST-TNG to the humour nav-menu.
Add The-Enemy-Hebrew-rev6. This is the sixth revision of "The Enemy and How I Helped to Fight it" in Hebrew.
Add humour-heb to the section nav menu.
The Enemy English r6 - add to the nav menu and the main page of TheEnemy.
Removed single quotes from literal hash keys. This was a small refactoring that made the code shorter and less noisy.
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