shlomi-fish-homepage / Makefile

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Placed the source there.
[HHGG-ST-TNG] Convert to the tweaked article and now rendering it.
Add the abstract to "Star Trek: We the Living Dead.".
Made the SASS output compressed CSS by default.
Optimised the CSS.
Add the "font-family: Arial: Sans-Serif" to the lib/sass.
Add a dependency to the makefile.
Made the 404 page less like the site's look and feel.
Fix the perl one-liner -n instead of -p.
Add the input XHTMLs.
Add /toggle.html to the puzzles navigation menu.
Convert the CSS files to use SASS.
Add a screenplay.css for the fortunes.
Convert populate-sqlite to Shlomif::Homepage::FortuneCollections.
Add the upload_beta target to the makefile.
Add the source of the show.cgi.txt.
Start extracting a class for the gen-prod-synd scripts.
[Fortunes] Add the navigation bar to show.cgi.
Styled a little better.
[Fortunes] Add individual link to every cookie in the show.cgi.
Moved to show.cgi.
Add the SQLite generation to the makefile.
Rebuild the CSS files upon change in includes.
Fix the building of the all-in-one.xhtml.
Fixes to the DocBook/XSL rendering.
Optimise the clean-up-docbook-5-xsl for DocBook 5/xhtml-1_1.
Fixed the all-in-one.xhtml.
Many changes to get rid of the <revhistory> in HHFGv2 's front-page.
Renamed HHFGv2 from -rev2 to -v2.
Add the style for the Human Hacking field guide.
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