shlomi-fish-homepage / Makefile

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Add the Test-Run spork presentation.
Add the "Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" lecture.
Add the sources of the Graham-Function presentation to the build system.
Add the Lambda-Calculus lecture's sources to the subvresion.
Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".
Now copying the Fiction-Text source files to the site.
Converted "The Pope Died on Sunday" to Fiction-Text.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere.
Extracted lib/stories/stories-list.wml with its own tag - in two places.
Add an implicit dependency on perfect-IT workplace.
Add a dependency to the dealing with hypomania article.
Sorted the deps.
[Build system] add the interviews to the dependencies.
[Build system] Add the explicit dependencies for some of the screenplays.
Keeping the Screenplay texts.
Now keeping the screenplay intermdiate files built.
[Pope] added a dependency to the makefile to auto-build.
Added "The-Pope-Died-on-Sunday-Hebrew thing.".
Converted the perfect-it-workplace-rev2 to DocBook 5.
[Slogans Art] Add the "WDYM" slogan art (not complete).
Small optimisation to the makefile - calculate a variable only once.
Add the American Lottery design to the front page.
Add the "C++ supports OOP" design.
Refactored the makefile and added support for pngcrush.
Added the chromatic'd piece to the slogans.
Add another slogan.
Added more dependencies to the CSS in the build system.
Add the slogans index.html.wml with one slogan for the time being.
Tweaked the build system to handle the dobook5 targets correctly.
Convert the Blue Rabbit Ideas to XHTML 5, in order to add a licence.
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