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Add a note to the TODO.
Add the TODO.
Add an item to the TODO
Updated the TODO and DONE.
Add pre-requisites to add to the TODO
Add Term::ReadPassword to the TODO
Add Quad-Pres to the INSTALL.
Moved an item to the DONE : remove Google::SiteMap .
Add items to Task-Sites-ShlomiFish from the TODO.
Completed the OpenID item.
Add OpenID to the TODO.
Add more dependencies to the TODO.
Add more to the TODO.
Add a link to the TODO.
Add to the TODO .
Add the "Don't abuse JS" page to the TODO.
Add two items to the TODO : "Escape from Autohell" and "Editors and IDE".
Add an item to the TODO.
Add items to the TODO.
Add a "link to the XML and plain-text files" to the TODO.
Add the numerical software page.
Add Mandriva to the FOSS contributions.
Update the TODO - removed some items:
Added link distribution.
Added the adengage ads at the top.
Added TODO.
Added items to the TODO
Updated the TODO with the gringotts-patch note.
Added an item to the todo - about google ads
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