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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Shlomi Fish
Get rid of a lot of trailing space.
Add a screenplay.css for the fortunes.
Made the indentation step of the nav-menu smaller. This way more stuff can fit there.
Add the display fortune.
Font normalisation. Made the font Arial / Sans-Serif globally.
Move to the end so it will be better.
Fix the bullets inside the .hebrew. They previously went into the section navigation menu.
Styled better.
Translated more aphorisms to Hebrew.
Add the style for the thumbnail.
Made the about this site section of the front page at the top. I've placed it instead of to the right, so fewer people will think the web-site is a blog.
Change the style of the ads.
Styled the graphics' designs a little better.
Re-enable the button style.
Now displaying the section nav menus as tree-views. Merged from jquery-treeview-plugin-trial-conversion . This is courtesy of the jquery-treeview-plugin.
Change the style.
Customised the style of the screenplays better.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere. Added a style for this image.
Styled the Breadcrumbs' trail in the new style better.
Avoid the section menu hiding part of the disqus thread.
Converted the section_menu control to a button.
Got rid of the margin-top: 0; and margin-bottom: 0;.
Improve the CSS of the articles based on David Laasko's input.
Add a skip to the main content link.
Styled the art/slogans blockquote better.
Tweaked the style.
Add the slogans index.html.wml with one slogan for the time being.
Fix the style of the .main li - have a spacing at the top.
Add the side-box with my photo and some introduction to me.
Made the fonts of the section navigation menus' larger.
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