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Shlomi Fish
Modularised the disqus enabling/disabling. I considered enabling disqus but then noticed it executes code from google-analytics, which would be unacceptable.
Shlomi Fish
Fix some validation problems. However, it seems that the download of this validator: Reports some valid XHTML as invalid, which is a problem.
Shlomi Fish
Add my Hebrew name to the about box.
Shlomi Fish
Got rid of a lot of trailing space.
Got the front page to validate. It previously did not validate due to the Ads' markup being invalid.
Remove the "Stop Censorship!" ad.
Add the anti-SOPA link.
Update the project_wonderful_side_proto to the correct markup.
Update the Project Wonderful codes.
Disabled the AdBrite ads.
Enabled the AdBrite ads again.
Moved the sponosred ad below the photo and styled it.
Add a class to the share-this paragraph.
[General] Convert to the new jquery.treeview.min.js. The old jQuery Treeview packed plugin was slow and somewhat out-of-date. We now have the jquery.treeview.min.js of Treeview 1.4.1.
Convert the FAQ link to a relative link.
Now crediting the EvilPHish emblem.
Convert to Unicode apostrophes.
Made the 404 page less like the site's look and feel. This way people know it's a 404.
Better style for the about_author and search boxes.
Convert ASCII double-quotes to stylised Unicode quotes. This involved many changes and hacks.
Implement the main_nav_menu.js.
Change email at bottom to . I'm trying to dephase so I replaced it with .
Add the link to the Shlomif Wikia.
Now linking to the anti-Spam policy at the bottom.
Re-arranged the order of the includes and tags to make over-riding easier. I'm contemplating on getting rid of the share-this and stuff variable because it may make everything slower - not sure.
Removed the disqus comments.
Trimmed the left nav menu.
[Look&Feel] Add the bottom links' at the bottom and styled them.
Add an option to disable disqus and apply it to the pages under construction.
Move the Google AdSense code to the rejects/adsense.wml file.
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