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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Shlomi Fish
Get rid of a lot of trailing space.
Add a class to the share-this paragraph.
Got rid of the reddit JS thingy. 1. It made the site slower to load due to loading the external JS. 2. Added a JS dependency. 3. Gave a lame feeling. 4. Slightly increased the page size. So I don't think it's worth it. People who got to the page via Reddit will be able to upvote.
Removed the diggthis.js script (at least temporarily). It made the pages of the site unbearably slow to load.
Convert the addtoany image to a local one to avoid the site being down.
Replace with addtoany.
Re-arranged the order of the includes and tags to make over-riding easier. I'm contemplating on getting rid of the share-this and stuff variable because it may make everything slower - not sure.
Renamed add-this.wml as share-this.wml.