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Add some new fortunes.
Add the Flock fortune.
Add "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."
Add the "What would your nick imply" fortune.
Add Joel on Software - perfectionism.
Add another fortune.
Add the #perl fortune about "it's slower".
Add a Larry Wall quote about the loaded Uzi.
Add a new Slashdot comment.
Correct a fortune.
Add the Larry Wall quote from postmodern language.
Add Rob Pike's quote about one-tool-doing-one-thing-well.
Add a fortune cookie.
Add the "One Moose Per Child" fortune.
Add World's Worst Perl Programmer fortune.
Add the d3x FOSS versionioning quote.
Add Web Development frameworks.
Add a fortune.
Add some new fortunes.
Add another fortune.
Add the Top vs. Bottom posting.
Add the "Sleeping with the Enemy" fortune (about Sun).
Correct a typo.
Add another fortune.
Correct a title for Zuu's factoid
Add the Larry Wall Facts to the Factoids fortunes collection
Finish adding the XSLT fortunes.
Start adding the XSLT factoids.
Add the Wikipedia bit
Bump the version of the fortunes.
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