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Add a note to the TODO.
Add the TODO.
Add an item to the TODO
Updated the TODO and DONE.
Add pre-requisites to add to the TODO
Add Term::ReadPassword to the TODO
Add Quad-Pres to the INSTALL.
Moved an item to the DONE : remove Google::SiteMap .
Add items to Task-Sites-ShlomiFish from the TODO.
Completed the OpenID item.
Add OpenID to the TODO.
Add more dependencies to the TODO.
Add more to the TODO.
Add a link to the TODO.
Add to the TODO .
Add the "Don't abuse JS" page to the TODO.
Add two items to the TODO : "Escape from Autohell" and "Editors and IDE".
Add an item to the TODO.
Add items to the TODO.
Add a "link to the XML and plain-text files" to the TODO.
Add the numerical software page.
Add Mandriva to the FOSS contributions.
Update the TODO - removed some items: 1. Style the adengage ads at the top better. 2. Make the purpose of the site clearly understood from each and every page (at the moment no one knows it's my page. 3. Add a page collecting the links to all the files under humour/fortunes/ . 4. Disable the rest of the google ads.
Added link distribution.
Added the adengage ads at the top.
Added TODO.
Added items to the TODO
Updated the TODO with the gringotts-patch note.
Added an item to the todo - about google ads
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