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Shlomi Fish
Fix broken links.
Shlomi Fish
Got rid of a lot of trailing space.
Start working on the third version of "Case for Drug Legalisation".
Fix a compilation warning about docbook-css. Now putting the HHFGv2-arabic files in a different location.
Add the Arabic translation. TODO : put it in the section navigation menu.
Add Version 7 of "The Enemy" English+Hebrew.
Add the usability of the Perl World for Newcomers DocBook.
Fix the fact DOCBOOK5 docs had to be updated in two places. Now the Makefile uses += for that.
Renamed perfect-it-workplace-rev2 to perfect-it-workplace-v2.
Many changes to get rid of the <revhistory> in HHFGv2 's front-page. lib/make/docbook/ : - set a different stylesheet for DocBook4 and DocBook5. - add the in case of del_revhistory. lib/docbook/style/human-hacking-field-guide/style.css : - properly align the link. lib/sgml/shlomif-docbook/xsl-5-stylesheets/shlomif-essays-5-fo.xsl : lib/sgml/shlomif-docbook/xsl-5-stylesheets/shlomif-essays-5-xhtml.xsl : …
Renamed HHFGv2 from -rev2 to -v2. This is to standardise on "version" instead of "revision" from now on.
Started FOSS and Other Beasts version 3. Converted to DocBook 5 and started integrating the corrections by RMS and others.
Forked the Human Hacking Field Guide into rev2. As DocBook 5.
Add the revision 2 of the FOSS licences wars.
Restored case-for-drug-legalisation - original revision.
Sorted the entries of the presentations alphabetically. Also got rid of a duplicate entry that caused one presentation to disappear.
Add the Welcome-to-Linux Mini-Intro presentation.
Add the Blitz presentation.
Convert case-for-drug-legalisation into DocBook 5 and rev2.
Add the Quad-Pres meta-Quad-Pres presentation.
Added "The-Pope-Died-on-Sunday-Hebrew thing.".
Build system fix: style.css copying from
Converted the perfect-it-workplace-rev2 to DocBook 5.
Presentations: add a src/index.html.wml -> rendered/index.html dependency.
Correct Objectivism and Open Source and add it to the build-system.
Integrated the DocBook 5 building.
Added the human-hacking-field-guide local doc.
Now building the Spark - Pre-Birth document from DocBook/XML.
Added the W2L-Development presentation's Quad-Pres sources.
Added the W2L Networking presentation Quad-Pres sources.
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