shlomi-fish-homepage / lib / sass / common-style.sass

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Shlomi Fish
Add the Duck Duck Go search.
Shlomi Fish
Add a paragraph of contact info.
Shlomi Fish
Convert from .indent to .sub_section.
Shlomi Fish
Reduce the size of the section navigation menu.
Shlomi Fish
Spell checked the Case for File Swapping.
Moved the sponosred ad below the photo and styled it.
Styled better.
Add proper alignment for English text in the story.
Mirroring the local CC-by-sa image here. Also made the margins nicer.
Add the code_block CSS for the code_block in the stylesheet.
[CSS] Tweaked the CSS of the Screenplays. Made the CSS of the screenplays better. The screenplay is now in white in a black frame and the description is in a better colour.
Tweaked the margins of the .design to make them snazzier.
Add the "font-family: Arial: Sans-Serif" to the lib/sass.
Better style for the about_author and search boxes.
Styled the articles list on t2/philosophy/open-source/ better.
Extract the lang_switch include.
Extract common-style.sass.