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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Final the third version of the Case for Drug Legalisation v3. Made it live.
Add humour-heb to T2_HUMOUR_DOCS_DEST
Add some corrections to the notes.
Start adding the "How to Contribute to my Projects" section.
Convert the building of FO to the new docmake.
Start converting the DocBook 5 building to the docmake of hg HEAD.
Fix the name of the .txt source of show.cgi. This is due to the hosting constraints which forbids files ending in .cgi.txt.
Add hostgator
Add missing deps.
Convert more single/double quotes to Unicode
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
Create XHTMLs for input to
Now copying the post-process stylesheet.
Convert more ";" into "&&" in the makefile.
[Makefile] Made sure the fiction-xml building fails if the ToDocBook does. Previously it was ";" instead of "&&" which caused a failure if ToDocBook did.
Now building the DOCBOOK5_PDFS and DOCBOOK5_FOS explicitly.
Now including deps.mak in the Makefile. This is to read the WML dependencies.
Better dependency tracking.
Mirroring the local CC-by-sa image here. Also made the margins nicer.
[Humanity] Add a dependency for ongoing-text-hebrew.html. The dependency was for the rendered screenplay.
[Humanity] Now linking to the Hebrew translation from the page.
Add the Hebrew translation of Humanity.
Add the ability to post process the DocBook 5/XML output of the Fiction-XML.
Add the Fiction-Text example for the XML-Grammar/Fiction page.
Add the code_block CSS for the code_block in the stylesheet.
Add the Screenplay-Text -> XHTML example .
[SASS Makefile] Add explicit dependencies tracking for the SASS files. Now the CSS won't all be rebuilt upon a change in the source files.
Makefile bug fix: now building the screenplay.css from the SASS. We missed it previously.
[HHFG] Add the Hebrew translation to the site. This added it there.
Start translating the HHFGv2 to Hebrew.
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