shlomi-fish-homepage / Makefile

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
Final the third version of the Case for Drug Legalisation v3. Made it live.
Add humour-heb to T2_HUMOUR_DOCS_DEST
Add some corrections to the notes.
Start adding the "How to Contribute to my Projects" section.
Convert the building of FO to the new docmake.
Start converting the DocBook 5 building to the docmake of hg HEAD.
Fix the name of the .txt source of show.cgi.
Add hostgator
Add missing deps.
Convert more single/double quotes to Unicode
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
Create XHTMLs for input to
Now copying the post-process stylesheet.
Convert more ";" into "&&" in the makefile.
[Makefile] Made sure the fiction-xml building fails if the ToDocBook does.
Now building the DOCBOOK5_PDFS and DOCBOOK5_FOS explicitly.
Now including deps.mak in the Makefile.
Better dependency tracking.
Mirroring the local CC-by-sa image here. Also made the margins nicer.
[Humanity] Add a dependency for ongoing-text-hebrew.html.
[Humanity] Now linking to the Hebrew translation from the page.
Add the Hebrew translation of Humanity.
Add the ability to post process the DocBook 5/XML output of the Fiction-XML.
Add the Fiction-Text example for the XML-Grammar/Fiction page.
Add the code_block CSS for the code_block in the stylesheet.
Add the Screenplay-Text -> XHTML example .
[SASS Makefile] Add explicit dependencies tracking for the SASS files.
Makefile bug fix: now building the screenplay.css from the SASS.
[HHFG] Add the Hebrew translation to the site.
Start translating the HHFGv2 to Hebrew.
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