shlomi-fish-homepage / Makefile

Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
More dependencies
Add dependencies
Sanitised the deps in the makefile.
Updated the dependencies to make them saner. The humour recommendation is now built correctly.
Now building the fortunes' file upon a change in version.
Updated the categories docs lists
Updated the categories docs lists
Separated the fortunes files into their own makefiles. This way we don't need to run ./ every time we add a new fortune archive.
Add the dependency to the makefile.
Convert case-for-drug-legalisation into DocBook 5 and rev2.
Added the subversion-for-pythoneeers Spork presentation.
Add the Vim-beginnners Spork presentation .
Add the Too-Many-Way spork presentation.
Add the Test-Run spork presentation.
Add the "Optimising Multi-Tasking in PDL" lecture.
Add the sources of the Graham-Function presentation to the build system. This is the first Spork presentation that we are building.
Add the Lambda-Calculus lecture's sources to the subvresion. We now depend on Text-VimColor's "text-vimcolor" executable to render the .scm's into HTML.
Fixed a wrong word in "Introductory Language".
Now copying the Fiction-Text source files to the site.
Converted "The Pope Died on Sunday" to Fiction-Text.
[Create a Great Homesite] Added the cat walk image for atomsphere. Added a style for this image.
Extracted lib/stories/stories-list.wml with its own tag - in two places. This is a list of stories that are now maintained together.
Add an implicit dependency on perfect-IT workplace.
Add a dependency to the dealing with hypomania article.
Sorted the deps.
[Build system] add the interviews to the dependencies.
[Build system] Add the explicit dependencies for some of the screenplays.
Keeping the Screenplay texts.
Now keeping the screenplay intermdiate files built.
[Pope] added a dependency to the makefile to auto-build.
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