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Author Commit Message Date Builds
Moved t2/humour.html and t2/humou-heb.html into a common base.
Fix invalid syntax.
Add more.
Add the "wasting time" aphorism.
Change "don't" and doesn't" to their unicode equivalents.
Various corrections.
Add the E-mail / web-feeds jokes.
Punctuation correction.
Another typo corrected.
Correct a typo.
Now hiding the page Table-of-Contents. Abstracted it behind <div class="page_toc"> in lib/toc_div.wml and <toc_div />. The tag there accepts several options, like language and tag.
Add "Cats in Soviet Russia".
Correct a misplaced ellipsis.
Correct punctuation.
Correct a small problem.
Render "C++" in Hebrew correctly. This was done by adding a Unicode LRM.
Add the Language switcher to the humour page.
More corrections to t2/humour-heb.html.wml .
More corrections to humour-heb.html.wml.
t2/humour-heb.html.wml: made many corrections to the Hebrew.
Add more.
Add a missing quote.
Got t2/humour-heb.html.wml to emit valid markup.
Correct some markup.
Correct a typo.
Correct more "Edsgar"s to "Edsger"s (Dijkstra).
Add more.
Add more.
Fix the Hebrew headers.
Hebrew aphorisms: finished translating the rest.
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