shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / humour / fortunes / ver.txt

Author Commit Message Date Builds
Shlomi Fish
Add the #perl ampersand fortune.
Shlomi Fish
Get rid of a lot of trailing space.
Made the fortunes .spec file less error-prone. (v0.18.0) This is its first 0.18.x version.
Add the Larry Wall fortune.
Add a Chuck Norris factoid.
Add the Fedora Twitter/Facebook quote.
Add the sed and awk quote.
Add the #perl "deprecating" fortune.
Add another #perl fortune.
Add a fortune cookie for the "We agree to agree" fortune.
Add the /dev/null fortune.
Add the Math-Complex fortune.
Correct the spelling of "mutton". Thanks to anno.
Correct more "Hollywood" with a single "l" typos.
Add the "I wanna become a hacker" fortune cookie.
Correct a typo in a fortune.
Add another fortune to #perl (about laziness and apathy).
Add the negative numbers / #perl fortune.
Add another fortune.
Add another fortune.
Add another quote.
Add the hurting people factoid.
Add more.
Add the Count von Counter fortune.
Add the sharp-perl "brogramming" fortune cookie.
Add a fortune.
Add a new #perl fortune.
Add the #perl-cats' round numbers fortune.
Add another fortune.
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