shlomi-fish-homepage / lib / prelude.wml

# This file should be the first thing to be included by template.wml
# or a page that tries to over-ride stuff here. By itself it does not render
# anything, and that is delegated to the "driver.wml".
# After including this file and before including "driver.wml", one can
# over-ride stuff that driver.wml will later use.

<define-tag body endtag="required">

#include "utils.wml"
#include "paypal.wml"

<define-tag software_patents>1</define-tag>
#include "latemp/latemp-prelude.wml"
#include "local-defs.wml"

#include "share-this.wml"
#include "sponsored_ad.wml"
#include "amazon.wml"
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