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<latemp_subject "The Perfect IT Workplace - Revision 1" />

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<h2 id="intro">Introduction</h2>

This is the text of first revision of the my essay “The Perfect IT Workplace”.
This page got <a
to reddit</a> by a fellow software enthusiast whom I referred to it and
which he liked. I did not intend to publicise this particular draft, but
I’m OK with it publicised as is and would just work on the second revision
now which will be better publicised.

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<h3 id="itself">The Article Itself</h3>

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<h2 id="other_formats">Other Formats</h2>

<a href="perfect-it-workplace.pdf">Acrobat Reader (PDF) Format</a>.
<a href="perfect-it-workplace.xml">Original DocBook/XML</a>.