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<latemp_subject "Advogato - The first blurb on my user-page." />

<p> I am an open-source user and developer, but don’t really have
anything against commercial software, if written and maintained well. I
am an active member of the <a href="">Israeli Group
of Linux Users</a>, the <a href="">Haifa Linux
Club</a>, the <a href="">Tel-Aviv Linux Club</a>
and numerous open-source related mailing lists. </p>

<p> My favourite programming language is Perl, but I also like Haskell,
Matlab and Bash where appropriate. And I have a love/hate relationship
with C/C++. </p>

<p> So far, my most ambitious open-source project has been <a
href="">Freecell Solver</a>, but I also wrote or
contributed to some other projects and hacks. </p>

<p>I received a B.Sc. from Electrical Engineering from <a
href="">the Technion</a>, and am now looking for a
good job in IT. </p>