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<h2 id="intro">Introduction</h2>

This is a small, hand-maintained directory of numerical software:
spreadsheets, statistical analysis software, computer algebra systems (CASes),
matrix/tensor-based packages, etc.

<h2 id="matlab-like">MATLAB-like - based on bulk Matrices/tensors/vectors operations</h2>


<a href="">MATLAB</a> 
(<a href="">Wikipedia Entry</a>) - a
commercial and non-open-source, very comprehensive package, which runs on 
Windows, Linux and other UNIXes. 

<a href="">GNU Octave</a> 
(<a href="">Wikipedia Entry</a>) - an
open-source (GPLed) and incomplete MATLAB clone.

<a href="">SciPy</a> - a package offering similar 
tensor-based functionality for the Python programming language.  

<a href="">PDL - The Perl Data Language</a> - a package
offering tensor-based functionality for the Perl programming language.


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Configuration: the SC entries, 
SCMs: BitKeeper.
Testing: Expect.