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<latemp_subject "Interviews with Open Source People" />

<latemp_meta_desc "Interviews with Open Source People" />


This is an ongoing series of interviews I’m conducting with various people
of the open source world. One of the aims of this series is to give voice
to people who are not at the community’s central attention.

<h2>The Interviews Themselves</h2>

<h3><a href="adrian-ettlinger.html">Adrian Ettlinger</a></h3>

This is an interview with Adrian Ettlinger who is a very experienced
Electrical Engineer-turned-Software Engineer. He is best known for his
work on <a href="">Freecell Pro</a>
and related contributions to the Freecell enthusiasts, and for
<a href="">AniMap</a>, a shareware program
for American geneological research.

<a href="ae-interview.txt">Source in XML-Grammar-Screenplay Format</a>

<h3><a href="sussman.html">Ben Collins-Sussman</a></h3>

This is an interview with <a href="">Ben
Collins-Sussman</a> who is best known for being a core developer of the
<a href="">Subversion version control system</a>.

<a href="sussman-interview.txt">Source in XML-Grammar-Screenplay Format</a>