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<latemp_subject "Shlomi Fish Mentoring Others in Open Source/Open Content" />

<latemp_meta_desc "Shlomi Fish Mentoring Others in Open Source/Open Content" />

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I, <a href="$(ROOT)/">Shlomi Fish</a>, am willing to mentor newcomers with their
first steps into the world of contributing to
<a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/foss-other-beasts/">free and
open source software (FOSS) and free and open content</a>, whether in
<a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/">my own projects</a> or in projects I’m
not directly involved in. By mentoring I will provide guidance into how to
contribute and assistance.

Before contacting me, make sure you are serious about contributing and that
you won’t waste my time by asking me for help. If you are, then please
pick a project you’d like to contribute to (it can be any project, but
naturally I can provide more assistance with a project which I’ve been
involved with) and <a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">contact me</a> via Instant
Messaging, as E-mail is far less effective for that.

Until now, all the people who contacted me about mentoring them, have
lost interest after contacting me and failed to produce anything substantial,
but I still have not lost hope.

<h2 id="thanks">Thanks</h2>

Thanks to <a href="">Gabor Szabo</a> who sparked this
<a href="">in his
blog Post “Perl projects for Newbies”</a>