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<latemp_subject "Documentation for the Park Lisp Dialect" />

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<h2 id="about">About</h2>

Park is an unimplemented (or so-called <b>vapourware</b>) dialect of the
Lisp programming language inspired
by <a href=“”>Paul Graham’s Arc</a>. I
started the Park effort out of frustration of waiting for Arc to be released,
but after a while was happy when it came out. So you can find the
incomplete documentation here, and some of the <b>good ideas may eventually
be integrated</b> in some ways into “Anarki Arc”, or spawn a different
language. (As from my impression Arc still leaves a lot to be desired.)


<a href="park-lisp-informal-spec/">HTML</a>

<a href="park-lisp-informal-spec.xml">DocBook 4/XML</a>