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<latemp_subject "Installing Plagger from RPMs on Mandriva 2007.1" />

<latemp_meta_desc "Installing Plagger from RPMs on Mandriva 2007.1" />

These are the commands I used to install
<a href="http://plagger.org/">Plagger</a> from the
<a href="http://pub.woremacx.com/worepo/">RPMs that were originally
prepared for it for Fedora Core</a>. It is quite a kludge, but I was seemingly
able to get it working.


<a href="Plagger-root-history.txt">Root History</a> - the commands I ran as
root to get the packages installed.
<a href="Install-Plagger-Packages.bash">Install-Plagger-Packages.bash</a> -
a script I created to process the SPEC of the RPM and install packages. Note
that I removed some modules that are part of larger CPAN distributions, while
the more correct thing to do would have been to translate them to their
containing distributions.