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# Quicktask v1.2


    - Extract <bitbucket_cpan_dist_links> in lib/cpan_dists.wml from more
    - Fortunes Atom Feed:
        * Make it validate
        * Syndicate it into the rest.
        * fix the formatting of the fortunes (especially IRC fortunes)
            * in Akregator.
    - Add a test suite:
        * Hebrew spelling.
    - Prepare a new Back to the Future Logo using GIMP or whatever - as a PNG
    with anti-aliasing/etc.
        * Thanks to moofy.
    - Adapt a better style which stretches the page.
        * Maybe just make the page wider.
        * Thanks to moofy and other people who commented on it.
    - Add the tarball mirrors domain
        * With scripts to mirror, tar.xz, .zip, etc.
        * Note about APIs.
            * Mostly valid XHTML
                * Not terribly semantic because its a waste of time.
            * Some JSON/etc.
            * Mostly static.
            * By a human - for humans.
        * Added [Sat 2013-03-16]


    - individual presentations: add meaningful descriptions.
        * link to the new presentation in "Linux for the Technion student".

    - Add to the external FOSS contributions:
        * MikMod
        * Adopted CPAN Modules
        * Wikipedia and related sites.

    - Fix the URLs that are spelt "priviliges" instead of "privileges".

    - HHFG: add some links and references to resources.
        * For further enlightenment.

    - Add more software packages to the numerical software page.
    - Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.
        * About Female Action Heroes
        * We are the Qs of the Q Continuum.
        * Dealing with Internet Trolls
        * - Publish or Perish.
    - Math-Ventures: re-write the formulae in TeX, MathML etc.
        * General revamp.
    - Style the .prod_set's on the CD recommendations page.
    - Style the section navigation menus better.
    - Generate the DocBook/XML makefile rules using a Perl script.
        * Check for more possible stuff.
    - Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.
    - Add Recommendations:
        * Movies
        * Fiction Books
    - Add <rellink's (relevant links) to:
        * Book recommendations.
        * Music recommendations.
    - t2/links.html : distribute into relevant pages on the site.
        * possibly using lib/article-index/article-index.xsl.

    - Add the Buffy facts:
    - Fix the Firefox button to not read "Firefox 3"
        * Also not to point to
    - Apply the corrections to Selina Mandrake
        * based on what the correspondent from said.
        * Added [Sun 2013-03-17]
    - jqTree
        - Expand some of the categories by default.
            - Make sure the browser remembers when categories were collapsed
            using a localStorage hack.
    - Pack the other stories as separate DVCS repositories.
    - Make sure the jqTree work of making it more GUI-like is credited.
        * Added [Sat 2013-04-06]
        * DONE [Tue 2013-04-09]
    - Add a page about .
        @ DONE [Sun 2013-04-21]
    - New techgroups: add date/etc.
        @ DONE [Fri 2013-04-26]
        @ Added [Fri 2013-04-26]
    - Fiction examples - find a good permanent link
        @ DONE [Sun 2013-04-28]
      * The Distributed Examples link.
      * Thanks to Shai from Freenode.
      @ Added [Sun 2013-04-28]
    - Humanity: add link to the recording of the song.
        @ DONE [Tue 2013-04-30]
      @ Added [Fri 2013-04-26]
    - Finish translating t2/humour/RoadToHeaven/abstract.xhtml.wml
        @ DONE [Tue 2013-04-30]
      * To English
      @ Added [Mon 2013-04-15]
    - Add a link to the old site:
        @ DONE [Tue 2013-04-30]
      @ Added [Tue 2013-04-30]
    - __Beta-kmor site should not be crawlable.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
      @ Added [Sat 2013-04-27]
    - Add the printable hack for a JS-based print version.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
      * Just uses the print stylesheet.
      * TODO : add a printer icon to the button.
      @ Added [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Resumes / Résumés :
        - add an opening paragraph with who I am, what I specialise in,
        and some things I believe in about software development and its
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Add some references to general Objectivism stuff on humour/TOWTF.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Add logos to the "Shlomi Fish elsewhere on the web"
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
      @ Added [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Ask people about the name of the meta-scan algorithm in:
        * Apparently it's not known in the literature.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Add a test suite:
        * HTML/XHTML validation.
        * English spelling.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]
    - Convert the main navigation style to a [+] / [-] tree.
        * Thanks to moofy.
        @ DONE [Wed 2013-05-01]

# vim:ft=quicktask:sw=4:ts=4
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