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<latemp_subject "Essays about Computers' Education" />

These are essays about Education and Pedagogy as related to Computers,
Computer Science and Programming.

<h3 id="technion"><a href="opinion-on-the-technion/">My Opinion on Electrical 
Engineering Studies in the Technion</a></h3>


The quality of the material [which is taught in the technion] is very good, in 
my opinion. It is quite up to date and relevant to 
what we have to learn, with a few exceptions (like the infamous teaching of 
<a href="">C-Shell</a>
programming in Matam and Mamat). But as a general rule, there aren't many
complaints here.

The material seems to cover basics and foundations instead of cutting-edge
technologies, which is a good thing, in my opinion, because a university's
purpose is to teach just that. The latter is best taught by experiencing.


<h3 id="intro-lang"><a href="">Thoughts 
about the Best Introductory Programming Language</a></h3>

Thoughts about what is the best introductory programming language in this
day and age. Includes a critique of some other opinions, some useful relations
(Language A should come before Language B), a conclusion and other useful
food for thought.