shlomi-fish-homepage / TODO

* Upload the Presentations Quad-Pres source. ("All ideas are golden").

* Link the Hebrew Errors Page to the main one.

* Fortunes Atom Feed:
    - Make it validate
    - Mention it in the feeds page.
    - Syndicate it into the rest.

* Add Recommendations:
    - Movies
    - Fiction Books

* Generate the DocBook/XML makefile rules using a Perl script.

Minor Problems:

* Fix the fact that the "Private Tutor HTML Ad" goes beyond the right 

* Go over the pages of the individual presentations and add meaningful 
    - link to the new presentation in "Linux for the Technion student".

* Add to the external FOSS contributions:
    - Mandriva
    - MikMod
    - Adopted CPAN Modules
    - Wikipedia and related sites.

* Investigate the following subversion scenario:
    - svn rm myfile.
    - svn cp ../../IP/myfile myfile.
    - svn revert -R .
    - change myfile.
    - commit.

Long Term:

* Add more essays I wrote to the Essays Index.

* Revamp the Math-Ventures site and re-write the formulae in TeX, MathML 

* Put more meaningful descriptions in the place holders for all the

* Style the .prod_set's on the CD recommendations page.

* Style the section navigation menus better.