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#include '../template.wml'
<latemp_subject "Greasemonkey Scripts" />

<h2 id="no-accesskey"><a href="no-accesskey.user.js">Eliminate
Access Keys</a></h2>

What this script does is remove access keys from all the elements of the
page. This is relevant to sites such as
<a href="">the Wikipedia</a> that trap many commonly
used shortcuts (like Alt+F, Alt+E).

Note that because of
<a href="">a
bug in Mozilla</a> it cannot cancel accesskeys assigned to &lt;input /&gt;
boxes. It would be able to do so once the bug is fixed.

<h2 id="self-links-for-headers"><a href="self-links-for-headers-with-ids.user.js">Self links for Headers with id="" attributes</a></h2>

It is a good practice to provide id="" attributes (which can serve as anchors)
for <tt>&lt;h2&gt;</tt>, <tt>&lt;h3&gt;</tt>, etc. headers. What this script
does is create self-links after the headers so one can use them to either jump
to the page, or link directly to the portion in the page.

<h2 id="svn-links-to-repos"><a href="svn-links-to-repos.user.js">Subversion
Links to the Repository</a></h2>

This script creates links from the ViewVC browser back to the Subversion
repositories, so they can be accessed using the svn command line client.

So far it works on <a href="">BerliOS</a>’s
ViewVC and <a href="">SourceForge</a> ones,
but support for more can be added.

<h2 id="eliminate-from-rss"><a href="get-rid-of-from-rss.user.js">Get Rid
of “from=rss” in the URL</a></h2>

I am always annoyed that when I follow links in the RSS feeds of
<a href="">Slashdot</a> or other Slash-based sites,
I’m getting a “?from=rss” or “&amp;from=rss” CGI parameter at the URL.
This later implies more work for me when I want to link to them.

So what this incredibly silly script does is redirect to a new page without
this suffix.

<h2 id="qa-mandriva-fix-anchor"><a
href="">Fix the
reply-to-comment anchor</a></h2>

As of this writing, <a href="">the Mandriva Bugzilla
(</a> has a bug where replying to a comment jumps to the first
comment instead of the reply-to-box. (See
<a href="">this
bug report about it</a>). This greasemonkey script fixes this problem.

<h2 id="freshmeat-expand-desc"><a
href="freshmeat-expand-descriptions.user.js">Expand the Freecode Descriptions</a></h2>

This script is meant to expand the descriptions of
<a href="">Freecode (formerly known as</a>
which are truncated by
default. It was written by inspiration from
<a href="">this script</a>, but
actually works, because the latter does not work due to what appears to be
bad timing in the JS application.

<h2 id="o-and-m-title"><a href="ozy-millie-title.user.js">Ozy and Millie
Title Generator</a></h2>

This script is intended for a specialised purpose, and doesn’t add to the
user experience, so I didn’t put it on What this script does
is generate an entry with basic information that can be used for my
MediaWiki-based transcription of the
<a href="">Ozy and Millie</a> cartoons on each
page of the cartoon. That way one can copy and paste it instead of entering
it manually.

This script is useful for people doing transcription of Ozy and Millie,
but otherwise should not be used.

<h2 id="o-and-m-mediawiki-edit-transcripts"><a
and Millie MediaWiki Transcribing Aid</a></h2>

I’m using MediaWiki to prepare a transcript for the <i>Ozy and Millie</i>
comics. This script does auto-completion for several addresses by the
common characters based on their first letters.

So, for example “*Oz” Becomes “* '''Ozy''': ”, and “**Ms” becomes
“** '''Ms. Mudd'''”. There’s a complete list of mappings in the
“var ids_to_fullnames” mapping in the file.

Since this script is also intended for a specialised purpose, I haven’t
uploaded it to either.