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<latemp_subject "Shlomi Fish’s Writings about Politics" />

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These are essays that deal with Politics, but from the Philosophical side.
They’re not more of the “Left-vs-Right” rehash, but rather aim to provide
fresh point-of-views and new insights. They may prove controversial for both
Left-winged and Right-winged people.

<h2>The Articles and Essays</h2>

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<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/obj-oss/">Objectivism and Open Source</a></h3>

An essay, intended for people who adhere to Ayn Rand’s Objectivism philosophy,
that explains why the Open Source paradigm is compatible with it.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/israel-pales/">A Solution to the
Israeli-Palestinian Conflict</a></h3>

This is a proposed and innovative solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/case-for-file-swapping/">The Case for
File Swapping</a></h3>

Brings arguments for Internet file-swapping - why it is ethical and should be
legal, and explains why media companies are not harmed by it.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/politics/why-scientology-is-bad/">Why I
Concluded that Scientology was Bad</a></h3>

How I concluded based on very limited data that the Church of Scientology was
bad and harmful.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/politics/drug-legalisation/">The Case for
Drug Legalisation</a></h3>

Why the so-called “War on Drugs” is the real drug problem, and why a
legalisation of the currently illegal narcotics is the right solution.

<h4><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/politics/drug-legalisation/hebrew.html">Hebrew

Hebrew translation of the article, under the same licence.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/politics/define-zionism/">Define

An article that tries to find out whether “Zionism” and related terms are
well-understood and explains where I stand on these issues.

<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/philosophy/politics/dispelling-myths-about-israel/">Dispelling
Some Myths about Israel</a></h3>

An article that dispels some common myths about Israel.