shlomi-fish-homepage / template.wml

<define-tag software_patents>1</define-tag>
<set-var latemp_with_favicon="1" />
<set-var latemp_with_breadcrumbs_trail="1" />
#include "latemp/latemp-main.wml"

<if "<software_patents />" 
    "<div class="center"><a href="" 
     title="Stop Software Patents!"><img 
     alt="Stop Software Patents" class="highlight" 
     style="border:0;margin-bottom:0.5em;" /></a></div>"

<latemp_lang "en-US" />
<latemp_encoding "utf-8" />
<latemp_author "Shlomi Fish" />
<latemp_common_keywords "Shlomi Fish, Shlomi, Fish, Perl, Humour, Israel, Programming, Open Source, Free Software, Presentations, Philosophy, Freecell, Freecell Solver, GIMP, Subversion, version control, Web, Web Design, DeCSS, Software" />
<a href=";id=0&amp;t=70"><img 
   style="margin-top:1em; border:0;" alt="Get Firefox!" 
   title="Get Firefox! A safer, faster, better web-browser." 
   src="$(ROOT)/images/get-firefox.gif" /></a>
<a href="" title="Valid XHTML 1.1!"><img 
    class="highlight bless"
    alt="Valid XHTML 1.1!" height="31" width="88" 
 <a href="" title="Valid CSS!"><img 
    class="highlight" style="border:0;"
    alt="Valid CSS!" /></a>
<a href="" title="Website META Language"><img 
src="$(ROOT)/images/logo-wml.png" alt="Website Meta Language" style="border:0" 
width="100" height="50" /></a>
<a href="<rellink url="no-ie/" host="t2" />" title="Stop Using Internet Explorer!"><img src="$(ROOT)/images/noIE.png" 
class="highlight" style="border:0" 
alt="Stop Using Internet Explorer!" /><br />
Stop Using Internet Explorer!</a>
Written, designed and maintained by Shlomi Fish, <a href=""></a>
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