shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / index.html.wml

#include '../template.wml'
<latemp_subject "Shlomi Fish' Homepage" />

<div class="about_site">
This is the personal site of <a href="personal.html">Shlomi Fish</a>. I am
an Israeli software developer, and writer of stories, articles, essays and 

You can explore the site using the navigation bar to the left. 
Alternatively, you can traverse it page by page using the arrows at the top, 
or the Mozilla/Firefox site navigation bar.


use Shlomif::Homepage::News;

binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";
my $news = Shlomif::Homepage::News->new();
print $news->render_front_page();

<h3 class="newsitem"><a href="old-news.html">Old News Items</a></h3>
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