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<h2>Stop Software Patents in Europe!</h2>

The European Parliament is going to vote on software patents soon. Already,
many harmful and/or trivial patents were accepted in Europe, which are just
waiting for a proper legal status to become enforceable.

While it is not necessary that all software patents are invalid, obviously
most of them are, and so the best thing to do is to prevent them from becoming
legally enforceable. Stop software patents now!

<a href="">Refer to the FFII Page about this for more

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<a href="" title="Open Source Developers' Conference, Israel, 2006"><img
     src="$(ROOT)/images/osdc-2006.png" style="border-width:0"
     alt="Open Source Developers' Conference, Israel, 2006" /></a>

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<b>Don't send me "We're looking for a programmer - can you help us?"</b>
requests. I'm not interested in your job, and have my ways of learning
about jobs, assuming I am. Please send them to
<a href="">an appropriate mailing
list or  two</a>, or to a job board. And also be aware that as of April
2007, many people are looking for clueful workers.

One thing you should do to distinguish yourself from the competing employers
is to offer your workers outstanding conditions: a large amount of yearly
vacation (6 weeks or so); top-of-the-line tools and equipment; a bug-free
development platform; lots of weekly time to work on things they want to do;
using a language that is most suitable for the job, not the one that's most
hyped on the market; good working hours (at most 8 hours per day); enough
trust that they know what they are doing and are working instead of pretending
to work, and anything else
<a href="">Paul Graham</a>,
<a href="">"Joel on Software"</a>, and
<a href="">Eric S. Raymond</a> have been
talking about. This also includes paying an exceptional salary, options, etc.
The days a <a href="">great hacker</a> was
willing to be an IT slave are long over. And often he or she will be unhappy
even with a slight bother and leave. If you find a brilliant hacker - do
anything you can (within reason) to keep him happy.



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<a href=""
    title="LinuxChix - a community for promoting Open Source Software"><img
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<a href="" title="Wiki for discussing
these pages or collaboration">Wiki</a>

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<h2>External resources</h2>

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<a href="$(ROOT)/me/blogs/" title="Weblogs (or Blogs) or other streams
of resources which I update and can be commented on">My Blogs</a>

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