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shlomi-fish-homepage / DONE

* Make the site OpenID-loginable.

* Add XML-Grammar-Fiction to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add perl-Spork-Shlomify-0.0200-1 to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add Text/VimColor.pm to the Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Remove WWW::Google::SiteMap from Task-Sites-ShlomiFish.

* Add quad-pres to the installation instructions.

* Add the "Escape from GNU Autohell" page.

* Add the "Editors and IDEs" software resources page.

* Add the "Don't abuse JavaScript" page:
    - Hall of Shame:
        - Amarok 2.x
        - GNOME 3.0.
    - "JavaScript: The Good Parts" Google Tech Talk video.
        - more accurately "JS: The Bad Parts"
    - JS has no sprintf.
    - JS has no date formatting.
    - JS has no sort.
    - "var" is optional.
    - line breaks imply new expressions - forces the "if (COND()) {" style.
    - the new JavaScript standard presentation on Google Tech Talk.
        - many JS shortcoming.
    - JS's foreach loop loops over indices instead of the array's contents.
    - http://www.oreillynet.com/onlamp/blog/2008/04/a_short_history_of_the_develop.html
    - function() function() to start a closure.

* Convert the gvimisation of the source code in the quad-pres presentations
to the Lambda Calculus lecture's CPAN module.

* Put the Template-Toolkit presentation slides on the site.

* Convert the CSS away from TTML and into a script that will process
them using an explicit call to Template Toolkit.

* Upload the non-Quad-Pres presentations sources.

* Fix the 404 page on sub-directories:
    - http://www.shlomifish.org/open-source/projects/Module-Format/foo.html
    - $(ROOT) is wrong.

* Add the anti-spam policy.

* Include a clear warning next to the @gmail.com address that
shlomif@iglu.org.il is preferable.

* Add inkscape to the pre-requisites.

* Add jing to to the pre-requisites.

* Add Apache fop to the pre-requisities.

* Add pngcrush to the pre-requisites.

* humour/fortunes' show.cgi:
    - Add the title of the fortune (inside the h3) in a new text field - 
    - Add the fortunes collection to which the fortune belongs in a separate
        - link to that page.
    - add the CSS of the screenplays.
    display it.

* Put t2/t/hilazon.doc t2/t/oded-c/bla_bla.doc.gz t2/t/oded-c/No_name.doc.gz
under t2/humour/by-others/ .