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#include '../template.wml'

<subject "The Pope Died on Sunday" />

<h2>A story by Shlomi Fish</h2>

<li><a href="pope_rtf.zip">Hebrew Version. (RTF)</a></li>
<li><a href="pope_draft1.html">Hebrew Version. (HTML)</a></li>
<li><a href="pope.ps.gz">Hebrew Version. (Postscript)</a></li>

This story aims to tell the tale of a rather insane week in the life of an
American female graphic artist named Rachel Southern. A typical Hollywood
story with not-so-typical elements. Currently, only a Hebrew version is 
available. If you would like to read the HTML version on-line use IE5
for Windows, or Konquerer for UNIX/Linux or Mozilla. Let me know if it 
doesn't there.

This story is work in progress, so stay tuned and I'll write it as time goes
by. Send your comments by E-mail to 
<email:link "shlomif@vipe.technion.ac.il" />