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#include '../template.wml'

<latemp_subject "About the Location Change" />

Well <a href=""></a>
is the Technion’s undergraduate students’ server. It gives personal homepages
as part of its service, so I set up a homepage there, and gradually populated
it with more and more things.

Since I’m hopefully about to graduate soon, it is probable that I will lose
the account on t2, and therefore now need to find a new hosting and location.

I chose <a href=""></a> as a domain name service
provider, because they give free permanent domain names for organizations and
individuals. Since I’m actually proud of being Israeli, I picked up the
<tt></tt> suffix to give
<a href=""><tt></tt></a>.
(<tt>shlomif</tt> is my username, and common Internet alias).

I’d rather not try to get a super domain (such as <tt></tt>
or <tt></tt>) because these things cost money and expire
after a while, and may be hijacked by all kinds of Internet low-life.
<tt></tt>, on the other hand, is all mine and will remain so
, forever. It’s sad that the current DNS service works like that, so I have
to find the best solution.
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