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<a href="projects/">Open Source Projects</a> I initiated. Mostly small to
medium scale.

<h3 id="cpan"><a href="">My CPAN Modules</a></h3>

I wrote several modules for <a href="">CPAN</a> - the
Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. Also see
<a href="">my Perl Résumé at</a>.

<h3 id="bitbucket_page"><a href="">My BitBucket Page</a></h3>

BitBucket is a software-development and code sharing site, similar in spirit
and concept to GitHub, but with some advantages. I host most of my
original projects there.

<h3 id="github_page"><a href="">My GitHub Page</a></h3>

GitHub is also a software-development site, and I use it for hosting some git
repositories, and to collaborate with some other users of it.

<h3 id="sourceforge_page"><a href="">SourceForge Page</a></h3>

One of the original open source software development sites, has
lost some of its “hipness”, but is still popular. I host some projects there
that I inherited from other people, and also have a lot of Quality Assurance
work there.

<h3 id="googlecode_page"><a href="">Google Code Page</a></h3>

My activity at the free-of-charge code hosting facility from Google.

<h3 id="bits"><a href="$(ROOT)/open-source/bits.html">Bits and Bobs</a></h3>

A random collection of small programs I created, and are made available to
the public.


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