shlomi-fish-homepage / bin /


use strict;
use warnings;

use IO::All;

foreach my $ad (grep { /\.html$/ } io("Ads-for-Homepage")->all_files())
    my $contents = $ad->slurp();

    if ($contents !~ m{\A\S+)})
        die "No line found in $ad!";

    my $path = $1;

    if ($path =~ /\/$/)
        $path .= "index.html.wml";
    elsif ($path =~ /\.x?html$/)
        $path .= ".wml";
        die "Path $path does not end with /";

    if ($path =~ m{(\A|/)\.\.?(/|\z)})
        die "Malicious Path";

    if ($contents !~ m{(<p>.*?</p>)}ms)
        die "Could not find ad!";

    my $ad = $1;

    open O, ">>", "t2/$path";
    print O <<"END_OF_HTML";

;;; Ad added at 2007-Oct-20 / 2007-10-20
;;; To be removed at 2008-Oct-20 / 2008-10-20
;;; Requested by Lauren Keidis
<shlomif_sponsored_ad requested_by="Lauren Keidis" remove_at="2008-10-20">


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