shlomi-fish-homepage / bin /


use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Find::Object;

my $ff = File::Find::Object->new({}, "t2");

my @deps;
while (defined(my $result = $ff->next_obj()))
    if (   $result->is_dir()
        && @{$result->dir_components()}
        && $result->dir_components()->[-1] eq ".svn"
    elsif ((! $result->is_dir()) && $result->basename() =~ m{\.wml\z})
        open my $in, "<", $result->path()
            or die "Cannot open " . $result->path() . "$!";
        while (my $line = <$in>)
            my $string = qq{#include "../lib/};
            if ($line =~ s{\A\Q$string\E}{})
                $line =~ s{".*}{}ms;
                push @deps, { file => $result->path(), dep => $line };

open my $deps_mak, ">", "deps.mak";
print {$deps_mak} "# Extra dependencies\n\n";
foreach my $dep (@deps)
    my $file = $dep->{'file'};
    my $depends_on = $dep->{'dep'};
    $file =~ s{\At2/}{};
    $file =~ s{\.wml\z}{};

    print {$deps_mak} qq{\$(T2_DEST)/$file :  lib/$depends_on\n\n},
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