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<latemp_subject "Pages against Using Various Software" />

These are pages against using various software that may be commonly used,
but sucks badly and should not be used.

<h2>The Pages themselves</h2>

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<h3><a href="$(ROOT)/no-ie/">Stop Using Internet Explorer!</a></h3>

<h3><a href="./qmail/">Stop Using the qmail SMTP Server</a></h3>


<h2>Links to other Anti-Stuff</h2>

<a href="">Csh (and Tcsh)
Programming Considered Harmful</a> by Tom Christiansen of Perl fame.
<a href="">PHP Sucks by czth</a>
<a href="">The Freshmeat Editorial 
"What is Wrong with Make?"</a> by Adrian Neagu and its sequel 
<a href="">Make Alternatives</a>.
<a href="">Stop the Autoconf 
Insanity</a> by Andrew McCall.