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<TITLE>Student Project for Adding Modio Support for Deaf TTYs</TITLE>

<H2>Adding Modio Support for TTYs of deaf people</H2>

This page describes a student's project to add support for deaf people
TTYs into Smart-Link's <A HREF="http://www.smlink.com/">Modio</A> software-based

Deaf TTYs speak between themselves in a protocol called V. 18, whose documentation
can be ordered from the <A HREF="http://www.itu.int/">ITU</A>. V. 18 lies directly above
the phone line and doesn't use V. 8 or V. 21 to speak with other V. 18 devices. 
Furthermore, the TTYs understand a character set called Weitbrecht/Baudot, which is different
from ASCII and whose documentation can be found here: <A HREF="baudot.txt">to be filled in</A>.<P>

So, what a student who wish to implement this needs to code is:<P>

1. A module to read waveform data from the sound card and convert it into Baudot<BR>
2. A module to convert from Baudot (plus shift codes) into ASCII.<BR>
3. A module to convert from ASCII into Baudot (with shift codes and perhaps also 
line breaks after 72 characters in each line)<BR>
4. Module to convert from the Baudot into waveforms.<P>

Those modules can be implemented using a Modio Soundcard/Modem, and basic drivers to 
read waveforms from the telephone line that will be supplied by Smart-Link. They will
be written in Windows-95/98 or Windows NT using VtoolsD or VdWorks.<P>

TTYs or TTY-compatible modems will be required to test the drivers against.
It is possible that the Association of the Deaf in Israel will be able to supply the
student with TTYs. Otherwise, TTY-compatible modems can be bought from NXi Corp.<P>
<H3>Other Important Links</H3>

<A HREF="http://www.smlink.com/">Modio's Homepage</A><BR>
<A HREF="http://www.weizmann.ac.il/deaf-info/tty_faq.html">Omer Zak's FAQ regarding communication with Deaf TTYs</A><BR>
<A HREF="mailto:shlomif@vipe.technion.ac.il">Shlomi Fish' E-mail</A> (for questions regarding this project)<BR>
<A HREF="http://www.nxicom.com/">NXi Corp.</A> - They manufacture modems that can talk with TTYs<BR>