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This section of my homepage contains various puzzles, riddles and
brain-teasers I came up with.

<h2><a href="$(ROOT)/MathVentures/">Math-Ventures</a></h2>

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Many games such as bingo,
<a href="">backgammon</a>, and monopoly involve the use of
maths especially probability. By playing
<a href="">free bingo</a> you can put your
theories to the test without worrying about losing any money. Of course you
can’t win any either.

Mathematical problems I encountered or got interested in and was able to
tackle. Solutions are provided. <web_advertisers_net_ad_math_ventures />

<h2><a href="logic/">Logic Puzzles</a></h2>

Various Logic Puzzles.

<h2><a href="situation/">Situation Puzzles</a></h2>

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If you like strategy games such as Tetris and
<a href="">Chess</a> and the kind of games you will find
in a <a href="">live casino</a> you will love

Situation puzzles are interactive puzzles in which an unusual situation is
given and the other people who hear it have to guess what happened using Yes/No
questions. <web_advertisers_net_ad_situation />
This section features some original situation puzzles I came up with.

<h2>Computer Science Amusements</h2>

<h3><a href="cs/lotg/">The “Lotg” Code</a></h3>

A minimalistic pseudocode I designed.

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