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<h2>Changes since September</h2>

* Fixed many broken links.
+ * Added more CDs to the music recommendations.
+ * Added the KAddressBook and Amarok bits.
+ * Added to the open-source/contributions
+ * Added the t2/puzzles/situation/book-under-rock.html.wml puzzle
+   and the Lotg code.
+ * Fortunes:
+     - nyh-sigs
+     - New fortunes added to:
+         - “shlomif”.
+         - “tinic”.
+         - “shlomif-fav”.
+ * Non-fiction books recommendation page revamped and several new books were
+   added.
* The entire site (including many obscure pages) was made to validate.
It’s been 2 months since the last update. I haven’t been working on the
homesite as much as I used to, but still there are some updates worthy of

In the UNIX fortunes front, I added the
<a href="">nyh-sigs</a>
file to the collection, which includes a collection of quotes from the
email signatures of <a href="">Nadav Har’El</a>.
This warranted a new second digit of the fortunes-shlomif collection -
and it’s now version 0.8.0. Moreover, several new entries were added to the
bottom of the
<a href="">shlomif</a>,
<a href="">tinic</a>, and
<a href="">shlomif-fav</a>
collections .

The puzzle section now features the
<a href="">“Book
    under a Rock” situation puzzle</a> as well as
<a href="">the Lotg code</a>.

Two new <a href="">“Bits and
    Bobs programs”</a> were added:
<a href="">A KAddressBook porting script</a>,
and <a href="">an Amarok
    script for recording per-song volumes</a>.

Several new CD recommendations were added <a href="">to the Music recommendations</a>. Furthermore,
<a href="">the Non-fiction
    Books’ Recommendations Page</a> was heavily revamped.

My <a href="">contributions
    to</a> are now mentioned in
<a href="">the Open Source
    Contributions Page</a>.

Finally, the entire site (including many obscure pages) was
<a href="">made to validate</a> and
many broken links were fixed.