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<h2>Homesite News for 1 March</h2>

Tags: humour, funny, bits, aphorisms, list, israeli, open-source, projects, case, drugs, legalisation, legalization, fortune cookies, links, apple, vista, msie, explorer, file swapping

<a href="">Two new
    bits</a> were added to the humour collection:

    What do you mean by “WDYM”?

<a href="">A
    list of Israeli open-source projects</a> has been resurrected from a
wiki that went offline. Since it was set up, several new projects have been
added there.

My essay,
<a href="">“The
    Case for Drug Legalisation”</a> has been updated with new sections and
some typos were corrected.

New <a href="">fortune cookies</a>
been added to the
<a href="">shlomif
the <a href="">Joel
    on Software collection</a>, and the
<a href="">shlomif-fav
    (Shlomi Fish Favourites)</a> collection,

New links were added to
<a href="">the against
    Apple page</a>,
<a href="">the links against
    MySQL page</a>,
<a href="">the page
    with links against Windows Vista</a>,
<a href="">the Stop Using Internet Explorer
    page</a>, and to <a href="">the
    “Case for File Swapping” page</a>.

Happy Reading!