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<h2 id="about_site">About this Site</h2>

Hi all, and welcome to the personal website of
<a href="personal.html"><b>Shlomi Fish</b></a>. I
am an Israeli software developer, and writer of stories, articles, essays and

You can explore the site using the <a href="#navbar"><b>navigation bar</b></a>
to the
left.  Alternatively, you can traverse it page-by-page using the <b>arrows at
the top</b>. There’s also <a href="#news">a <b>news feed</b></a> for what is
new on the site, which is updated periodically.

Here are some of the things you can find here:

<h3 id="humour"><a href="humour/">Humour</a></h3>

You can read <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/stories">large-scope humorous
stories</a> (novellas), which I have written. The first (and still
my favourite) one is
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/TheEnemy/"><i>The Enemy
and How I Helped to Fight It</i></a>, which is a political
satire, inspired by mid-eastern politics, but with a more universal
message. I also wrote <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/TOWTF/"><i>The One with the
Fountainhead</i></a>, an episode of the television show <i>Friends</i>
which parodies the book The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. I consider it my
funniest piece yet. You can also read
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/human-hacking/"><i>The Human
Hacking Field Guide</i></a>, which is a not-so-realistic realism about
teenagers who are open-source enthusiasts, but with many jokes.

I have some other unfinished stories.

You can also read many <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/bits/">shorter bits</a>,
some <a href="$(ROOT)/humour/bits/facts/">factoids</a> about people
and things (Chuck Norris/etc.), a
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour.html">collection of original aphorisms
and quotes</a> and
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/fortunes/">a large collection of fortune cookies</a> by
myself and others.

<h3 id="philosophy"><a href="philosophy/">Articles and Essays</a></h3>

You can read various essays and articles I wrote about politics, software
development and software management, the Internet, psychology, and ideology.

<define-tag old_essays_description>
I am <a href="philosophy/politics/define-zionism/">a Jew and an Israeli</a>
by nationality, an agnostic by faith (or lack of it), and <a
href="philosophy/philosophy/guide-to-neo-tech/">a “Neo-Tech”
Objectivist</a> by ideology. (Objectivism
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/fortunes/shlomif-fav.html#neo-tech-selfishness">does
not imply selfishness</a>, by the way, but rather rational self-growth.)
My expertise as a software developer (in many fields), and my interest
in philosophy, history, software management, and other fields also provide
fodder for my essays and articles.

<h3 id="open-source"><a href="open-source/">Open Source Software</a></h3>

Links to software I wrote, and some resources with links to other software.
Knock yourself out!

<h3 id="presentations"><a href="lecture/">Presentations</a></h3>

You can find several technical presentations I have written or maintain
here. Especially recommended is the
<a href="lecture/Perl/Newbies/"><i>Perl for Newbies</i> series</a>
introducing <a href="http://perl-begin.org/">the Perl programming
language</a> to absolute beginners.

<h3 id="puzzles"><a href="puzzles/">Puzzles and Riddles</a></h3>

Some pages with <a href="MathVentures/">Mathematical problems</a>,
with <a href="puzzles/logic/">Logic puzzles</a> and with other riddles. Some
of these pages require a <a href="http://www.w3.org/Math/">MathML</a>-enabled

<h3 id="computer_art"><a href="art/">Computer Art</a></h3>

You can find my lame attempts for art which I prepared, in
<a href="art/">the art section</a> which includes graphic designs, photographs,
and one piece of music.

<h3 id="links"><a href="links.html">Links</a></h3>

There are many links on the site, but I also concentrated many of them in
one place. Who doesn’t like links?


I hope you enjoy my web-site. If you do, please
<a href="$(ROOT)/meta/how-to-help/">link here</a>, recommend
it to your friends, and <a href="$(ROOT)/me/contact-me/">drop me a line</a>
that you enjoyed it.


<h2 id="news">News</h2>

use Shlomif::Homepage::News;

binmode STDOUT, ":utf8";
my $news = Shlomif::Homepage::News->new();
print $news->render_front_page();

<h3 class="newsitem"><a href="old-news.html">Old News Items</a></h3>