shlomi-fish-homepage / bin /


use strict;
use warnings;

use File::Find::Object;

my $finder = File::Find::Object->new({}, "dest");

my $before_size = 0;
my $after_size = 0;

my %skip =
    map { $_ => 1 }


while (my $r = $finder->next())
    if ($r =~ m{\.html\z})
        my $base = $r;
        if (($base =~ s{\Adest/t2-homepage/}{}) && (exists($skip{$base})))
            next FILES_LOOP;
        $before_size += (-s $r);
        if (system(qw(tidy -utf8 -q -config lib/tidy.rc -m), $r))
            system("gvim", "-p",
                ((-e "t2/$base.wml") ? "t2/$base.wml" : "t2/$base"),
            die "Tidy failed on '$r'\n";
        $after_size += (-s $r);
print "Before size: $before_size\n";
print "After size: $after_size\n";
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