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<!-- TITLE=New Humour Items and Links-->
<a href="">a new aphorism
    was added to the humour collection:</a>

Wikipedia has a page about everything including the 
<a href=""></a> .

Recommendations for <a href="">GDB</a>, 
<a href="">Ack</a>
and <a href="">the 
    improved windows console</a>, have been added to the 
<a href="">favourite open-source
    software page</a>.

There are new fortunes in the <a href="">fortunes' collection</a>.

New links were added to <a href="">the 
    page about Apple</a>, 
<a href="">the 
    one about MySQL</a>, 
<a href="">to the 
    page about Windows Vista</a>,
<a href="">and to the "Stop Using Internet
    Explorer!" page</a>.

<a href="">My GnuPG Public Key</a> was updated
, and I now link to my Plurk account on 
<a href="">my contact page</a> page.

<p><a href="">See comments and comment on this.</a></p>