shlomi-fish-homepage / t2 / philosophy / politics / drug-legalisation / index.html.wml

#include '../template.wml'
#include "toc_div.wml"
#include <utils.wml>

<latemp_subject "The Case for Drug Legalisation" />

#include "pages/t2/philosophy/drug-legalisation.wml"

<div class="main_text">

<p class="hilight">
[ <a href="#itself"><b>Skip to the main content</b></a> ]

<toc_div />

<h2 id="itself">The Article Itself</h2>

<h3 id="body">Body</h3>

#include "docbook/5/rendered/case-for-drug-legalisation-v3.xhtml"

<h2 id="other_formats">Other Formats</h2>

<h3>3rd Version</h3>

<a href="case-for-drug-legalisation-v3.xml">Original DocBook/XML</a>

<h3>2nd Revision</h3>

<a href="case-for-drug-legalisation-rev2.xml">Original DocBook/XML</a>

<h3>1st Revision</h3>

<a href="case-for-drug-legalisation.xml">Original DocBook/XML</a>

</div> ;;; main_text
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