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<h2 id="tagline">Caught between Post-modernism and the New Age</h2>

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A supernatural dramedie, this screenplay has many ties to my other screenplay
<a href="$(ROOT)/humour/Star-Trek/We-the-Living-Dead/">Star Trek: “We, the
Living Dead”</a>, and was part of the grand Star Trek Deep Space Nine /
Buffy the Vampire Slayer / etc. great conspiracy theory thing that I imagined
in my “great mania” that has inspired me ever since. It’s very
far-fetched, but on the other hand conveys many serious messages and insights.

Hope you enjoy it!


<a href="ongoing-text.html"><b>The Ongoing Text</b></a>

<a href="">Source repository for
the screenplay on GitHub</a>.

<a href="ideas.txt">Ideas for the future</a> - some ideas I have for putting
into the screenplay in the future in an outline. (May spoil the fun.)


<h2 id="coverage">Coverage</h2>

<h3 id="">FanFiction.Net</h3>


<a href="">Part 1</a> (with comments)


<h2 id="licensing">Licensing</h2>

Well, since this work is a parody of Buffy - The Vampire
Slayer (written by <a href="">Joss
Whedon</a>), and contains characters from there,
I am theoretically protected by the Copyright’s
<a href="">“right of
parody”</a> as part of the ”Fair Use” provision. There are other parodies of
Buffy’s works online and possibly offline, and no one was sued yet.

This work uses other characters and concepts, from other copyrighted, and
already Public Domain works.

All the text in “Selina Mandrake - The Slayer” is original, and as far as
I’m concerned can be used under the terms of
<a rel="license" href="">the Creative Commons
Attribution-ShareAlike licence Unported (CC-by-sa), either version 3.0, or at
your option any later version</a>, but like I said, the situation is
more complicated than that.

I’m putting it here on this site in hope it will amuse or inspire
people, and also because it may encourage people to watch some episodes of
Buffy - The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek TNG/DS9, learn about Jewish culture,
read Dumas’
<a href="">The Three
Musketeers</a>, etc. all of which I can highly recommended. I’m not
charging people any money to download, build, or view the works, but I
have some web commercials which I’m making some small money from, and which
I hope are acceptable to the copyright holders. Please don’t sue me.

<h2 id="credits">Credits</h2>

<h3 id="d10_image_credits">1d10 Image Credit</h3>

<a href="">1d10
image</a> taken from Wikimedia Commons by
<a href="">User:Krdan</a> under
the GFDL/CC-by-sa-3.0.